START D Microwave Digestion System

Instrument Details:

Make : Milestone S.r.l.​​

Model: START-D, SN- 135177​



Microwave hardware

  • Single magnetron system with pyramid-shaped diffuser for homogeneous microwave distribution in the cavity.
  • Magnetron protection from reflected microwave power.
  • Installed power 1.200 watts.
  • Output power up to 1.200 watts, controlled via microprocessor.
  • Large microwave cavity 37 x 34,5 x 33,5(h) cm.
  • Cavity illumination.
  • Microwave cavity entirely made of 18/8 stainless steel housing with multi-layer PTFE plasma coating applied at over 350°C.
  • Total of safety interlocks 4 micro-switches to prevent microwave emission with door open.
  • Exhaust located above the cavity, separate from electronics to prevent corrosion.

Reaction sensors

  • Direct temperature monitoring and control up to 300°C in a reference vessel.
  • Contact-less temperature monitor and control via infrared up to 300°C in all vessels.
  • Direct pressure monitor and control up to 100 bar in a reference vessel.
  • Contact-less pressure monitor and control up to the vessels highest working pressure.

Control terminal

  • Monochrome touch-screen industrial grade controller 5” screen.
  • Resolution 240 x 128 dots for sharp process graphics.
  • 1 PS2 port for mouse, 1 RS485 port for microwave unit, and 1 RS232 port for external devices.
  • Methods and process reporting data saved on internal memory.
  • Weight ~ 75 kg.
  • External dimensions 57 x 51 x 61(h) cm.
  • Power 220V/50-60Hz, 2,4 kW.



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Microwave digestion of sample





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